Always Keep Your
Private Keys Secure

GaraSign, Garantir's flagship product, enables you to keep your company's private keys secured at all times, without impeding the performance of cryptographic operations.
The hero graphic showing cryptographic private keys secured in a hardware security module vault.

Where are your private keys?

Enterprises with large IT environments must secure and manage access to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of private keys for a variety of use cases: code signing, SSH, document signing, S/MIME, and TLS, to name a few.

All too often, private keys are simply left in software across hundreds of different servers and end-user workstations. Many of these keys have no visibility and are unauditable, while others are no longer in use and should be deleted altogether. This scenario presents major security risks and compliance challenges.

Superior security. No trade-offs.

Enterprises that keep their private keys secured in HSMs or key managers have often been forced to accept diminished performance in exchange for security. With GaraSign, this trade-off is no longer necessary. You get the best of both worlds, plus a host of client integrations and easy implementation.


With GaraSign, your private keys remain secured in HSMs while signing clients are restricted to proxied key access.


A client-side hashing architecture speeds up cryptographic operations for all public/private key use cases.


GaraSign comes with a host of native client integrations, including Microsoft, Apple, Java, GPG, rpm, PKCS#11, npm, and more.

Ease of Use

GaraSign works seamlessly on every end-user's workstation without needing to install new software.

One powerful platform for all use cases.

GaraSign is the only cryptographic platform on the market that is compatible with all public/private key uses cases. It’s one solution for all of your cryptographic operations.

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Code Signing

Sign code from any tool or platform, including Java, npm, GPG, and much more.


Enable digital signatures for every email sent throughout your enterprise.

Document Signing

Attach digital signatures to every kind of document that crosses your desk.


Keep SSH keys in HSMs while providing proxied key access to all end-users.

Technology Partnerships

Garantir is proud to be partnered with the industry’s largest and most trusted vendors of HSMs, key managers, and cryptographic tokens.

Give GaraSign a try.

The Garantir team offers hosted proofs-of-concept, free of charge. Get in touch to see how GaraSign can improve the security and performance of digital signatures throughout your enterprise's environment.

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