Cybersecurity for the Government Sector

Government entities, from the largest federal agencies down to the smallest local government offices, must secure their data and infrastructure from well-resourced cybersecurity attackers, including nation-state actors and run-of-the-mill cyber criminals. Defending against these sophisticated cybersecurity threats requires the implementation of sophisticated enterprise cybersecurity solutions.

Data Security

Government entities have a wide variety of sensitive data to protect, from private internal communications and citizen data to information about critical infrastructure and defense projects. GaraSign supports strong encryption for all data, whether at rest or in transit and simplifies the process of providing authorized and authenticated end-users access to the data when needed.

Strong Authentication

It’s widely understood that username and password-based authentication is relatively easy for attackers to compromise. Key-based authentication via protocols like mutual transport layer security (TLS) and secure shell (SSH) is a more secure alternative. GaraSign makes it easy to implement key-based authentication and granular controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and device authentication, without requiring manual reconfiguration of servers or modifications to existing applications.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

According to a 2019 Forrester report, “80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys, and certificates.” GaraSign enables government offices and agencies to secure privileged credentials, such as secure shell (SSH) keys, transport layer security (TLS) keys, and remote desktop protocol (RDP) keys, without inhibiting access for authorized users or slowing down day-to-day operations.

Ransomware Protection

Government offices, from local governments to national agencies, have been subject to cybercrime attacks, making ransomware protection essential to security posture. With GaraSign, customers can create secure backups that are digitally signed, cryptographically timestamped, and strongly encrypted to protect data and ensure a seamless disaster recovery process, should it ever be required.

Cloud Security

Like most private enterprises, government offices and agencies are transforming digitally, making cloud security a major priority. GaraSign strengthens cloud security with support for a bring-your-own-key design, strong encryption for data and applications stored in public clouds, hardware-level security of customer-managed decryption keys, and seamless decryption capabilities for authorized end-users.

Email Security

Internal emails often contain sensitive data, so encryption is necessary for government sector organizations. GaraSign simplifies encryption and digital signatures for all emails sent throughout large organizations with strongly secured and centrally managed private keys, plus various easily enforced granular controls. 

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