Support For All Public-Private Key Use Cases

GaraSign is built at the cryptographic primitive level, so it is compatible with every public-private key use case. When you deploy GaraSign, you can secure the cryptographic keys for all use cases in an HSM or key manager without limiting access to those keys or impeding existing business processes.

One Platform For All Use Cases

GaraSign is compatible with all public-private key use cases so you can leverage your HSM for the protection of all private keys, helping to maximize ROI on your company’s HSM purchases.

Code Signing

Sign code from any platform, including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and much more.

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Secure SSH keys in an HSM and easily enforce granular access controls.

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Enable TLS with mutual authentication while private keys remain in an HSM.

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Encrypt and sign emails to improve security and ensure compliance.

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Document Signing

Digitally sign documents using keys that are secured in your corporate HSMs.

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Secure Backup

Sign and encrypt backups to prevent attackers from reading or altering data.

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Log File Protection

Encrypt application log files without modifying the application source code.

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Certificate Management

Automated certificate renewal across the enterprise to avoid outages.

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