Secure Code Review

All too often, developers with limited security or cryptography experience are tasked with implementing business-critical software that relies on cryptographic primitives and protocols. It is imperative that these implementations be sound and thoroughly tested. Garantir can provide an expert review of your code to check for errors and make suggestions to improve code and design quality. A few extra pairs of eyes from the Garantir team brings the experience needed to work on highly sensitive and secure systems.

Review Every Single Commit

Some teams are hesitant to perform code reviews on all commits because the time it takes to perform the review is considered too costly. However, the cost of a software defect increases the longer the company waits to resolve it, so the code review process is likely less expensive than one might imagine.

Protect Your Customers

Attackers are actively targeting software vendors in order to inject malware, giving them backdoors into networks and systems of the vendor’s entire customer base. This is known as a supply chain attack. 

If you produce software of any kind, it’s critical to ensure that the software you are producing and distributing is secure and free of vulnerabilities.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

The source code should be reviewed for correctness, security issues, need, quality, and so on. Including this as part of the release process helps to remove bugs, identify malware before it is distributed to customers, and defend against insider threats.

Garantir has the expertise and experience to provide a thorough secure code review for any enterprise.

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