Cybersecurity for Insurance Companies

Insurance enterprises are often lucrative, and, therefore, typical targets for malicious hackers. With a variety of objectives to meet— protecting enterprise assets, keeping customer data secure, and complying with all relevant regulations— insurance companies must implement robust cybersecurity solutions that do not interfere with day-to-day business processes.

Data Security

Insurance providers must protect customer data, strategic business plans, and other sensitive information to comply with regulations and maintain consumer confidence. With GaraSign, the process of encrypting all data, whether at rest or in transit, is drastically simplified. Authorized and authenticated end-users can quickly and efficiently decrypt and access the data as needed.

Strong Authentication

Username and password-based authentication are comparatively easy for attackers to compromise. It’s widely considered best practice to implement key-based authentication, via protocols like mutual transport layer security (TLS) and secure shell (SSH) whenever possible. GaraSign simplifies key-based authentication and even makes it possible to enforce granular controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and device authentication, without needing to modify existing applications or manually reconfigure servers.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Forrester published a study in 2018 that found that “80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys, and certificates.” GaraSign helps insurance companies secure privileged credentials, such as secure shell (SSH) keys, transport layer security (TLS) keys, and remote desktop protocol (RDP) keys, without limiting access for authorized end-users or causing performance bottlenecks.

Cloud Security

For most insurance companies, the process of digital transformation is well underway. As such, cloud cybersecurity is a primary focus. GaraSign helps customers strengthen cloud cybersecurity with encryption of all data and applications stored in third-party provided clouds, support for customer-managed keys in a BYOK design, hardware-level protection for decryption keys, and seamless decryption for authorized users whenever necessary.

Ransomware Protection

Insurance companies must protect themselves ransomware attacks to reduce the risk associated with this threat. With GaraSign, insurance enterprises easily create secure backups that are digitally signed, cryptographically timestamped, and encrypted, to ensure a seamless restore process in the event of a real attack.

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