GaraSign: Code Signing Use Case

Some of the most sensitive keys in an enterprise are the code signing keys. If improperly protected, these keys can be compromised, potentially resulting in catastrophe.

Storing your code signing keys in an HSM provides excellent security but may introduce integration challenges and performance bottlenecks, leaving the CI/CD pipeline clogged. On the other hand, storing your keys outside of an HSM significantly increases risk and may put your enterprise out of compliance.

GaraSign gives you the best of both worlds: strong security and superior performance, plus client integrations to all the tools used in your environment today.

Your code signing solution must be secure, fast, and easy to use. How do you achieve all three?

The ramifications of insecure code signing can be disastrous. Signing keys must be secured at all times.

But security isn’t the only thing that matters— an enterprise code signing solution must also account for performance and ease of use. In a DevOps environment, speed is paramount: code signing must not slow down the CI/CD pipeline. At the same time, the solution must integrate with existing enterprise tools and processes for ease of deployment, use, and management.

Strong Security Requirements

Code signing keys are mission-critical assets and must be protected with the highest level of security at all times.

High Performance Demands

Enterprises continuously integrate and sign code, so a code signing solution must provide extremely fast signatures.

Ease of Use is Essential

If your signing tools aren't integrated with your HSM, deploying a fast and secure code signing solution at scale is challenging.

GaraSign enables sub-second signatures with HSM-protected keys from all the tools you use today.

Secured Access To HSM-Protected Keys

GaraSign is deployed on customer-managed infrastructure between the HSM and the signing clients, restricting those signing clients to proxied key access.

The result is that all code signing keys remain secured and non-exportable in the HSM at all times, providing maximum security, while end-users can still use the keys they need to efficiently sign code.

Fast Signing With Client-Side Hashing

GaraSign uses a client-side hashing architecture. Signing clients hash the code they need to sign before sending it over the network to create the signature.

This hash signing architecture limits the amount of data being transmitted over the network, so code signing stays fast to support continuous integration while the signing keys remain secured in the HSM.

Advanced Security Features

GaraSign supports advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication, device authentication, approval workflows, IP address whitelisting, notifications, and more. With GaraSign’s granular controls, these features can be enabled on a per-key or per-user basis and integrated with any signing tool.

Integrations To All The Tools You Use

GaraSign comes with a host of native client integrations, making it easy to deploy directly into your IT environment without needing to develop custom integrations.

microsoft - 150
apple - 150
gpg - 150
debian - 150
rpm - 150
npm - 150
xml - 150
open ssl - 150
android - 150
java - 150
git - 150
pkcs #11 - 150

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