Cybersecurity for the Legal Industry

Law firms, consultancies, and other organizations involved in the legal industry must secure their data and infrastructure to maintain clients’ trust and to comply with relevant regulations. With cyber criminals constantly seeking new targets to compromise and extort, companies in the legal industry must meticulously safeguard their data without slowing down the pace of business.

Data Security

Legal industry enterprises must protect client data, confidential case information, and other sensitive data to ensure compliance and maintain customer confidence. GaraSign simplifies the process of encrypting all data, whether at rest or in transit. GaraSign also makes it easy to provide authorized end-users with the access to the encrypted data when necessary.

Ransomware Protection

Law firms and other legal companies require security solutions that will reduce the impact of a ransomware attack, should one ever occur. GaraSign enables customers to make full backups that are digitally signed to prevent tampering, cryptographically timestamped to ensure legal protection, and encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from reading the data.

Cloud Security

Many law firms have adopted a digital-first approach, so cloud security is essential for ensuring compliance. GaraSign simplifies cloud security by making it easy for firms to encrypt all data and applications hosted in the cloud, use fully customer-managed keys, and ensure authorized end-users can quickly decrypt the data whenever needed.

Email Security

Internal email at a law firm may contain sensitive information that must be protected to ensure compliance. GaraSign secures email with encryption as well as digital signatures, while the keys remain secure in a centrally managed location to simplify management and policy setting.

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