With a wealth of experience, the Garantir team has the expertise to take your cybersecurity to the next level. We’re proud to help improve how our clients structure and manage their digital security. Learn more about the services we offer below.

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Key Management
  • Digital Signature Deployment
  • Cryptographic Architecture
  • Secure Code Review

Whether you are deploying a new PKI or modifying an existing one, Garantir has the knowledge and expertise to help you do so efficiently and securely. The Garantir team has a wealth of experience designing, implementing, testing, and extending PKIs for small and large-scale customers alike, both in the cloud and on-premise. PKIs require a lot of planning and maintenance and the Garantir team will ensure that your PKI can meet all of today's requirements as well as your anticipated future needs, all while requiring the least overhead as possible.

The outages caused by expired or revoked certificates can be costly and difficult to remediate. The Garantir team has the experience needed to properly implement CLM in your enterprise to prevent these outages from occurring, while also providing you with a holistic view of the certificates in your network. We understand that another "one-off" solution is not what our customers need, so we specialize in integrating CLM into your existing infrastructure (e.g. ticketing and key management systems).

The encryption in your enterprise is only as good as the management of the encryption keys. Striking the proper balance between confidentiality, integrity, and availability is an art we have mastered through years of enterprise key management deployments for large corporations, as well as small businesses and mid-sized companies. We have worked with all of the major Key Management Systems (KMS) and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to protect data at the application (encryption and tokenization), database, file, and disk levels, and are adept at deploying these systems for any size customer on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

As more and more businesses move away from hand signatures towards digital signatures, they find themselves having to plan large-scale deployments. As an industry leader in enterprise cryptographic operations management, the Garantir team is experienced in implementing digital signature schemes in the most non-intrusive, secure, and scalable manner possible.

Deploying a new cryptographic system or modifying an existing one is a difficult task that requires an incredible attention to detail. One mistake can jeopardize the security of an entire system. Worse, detecting an error can be extremely challenging. Garantir has architected and built custom solutions for a number of the Fortune 500 companies. The team has the experience to make your deployment a success.

All too often, developers with little security (let alone cryptography) background are tasked with implementing business-critical software that relies on cryptographic primitives and protocols. It is imperative that these implementations be sound and thoroughly tested. Garantir can provide an expert review of your code to check for errors and make suggestions to improve code and design quality. A few extra pairs of eyes from the Garantir team brings the experience needed to work on highly sensitive and secure systems.

Cryptographic Services From Experienced Experts

Safeguarding your infrastructure and private keys should not come at the cost of efficiency. Garantir provides expert cryptographic services that maintain maximum security without impacting performance.

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