Cybersecurity for IoT Manufacturers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not coming soon— it’s here today. Whether a company is producing vehicles, wearables, home appliances, medical equipment, or other smart devices, IoT manufacturers must ensure that firmware is free of bugs and malware and produce devices that are not easily compromised once connected to the web.

Data Security Management

Data security is essential for every Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturer. Source code for product firmware, end-user data, and other sensitive information must be protected with strong encryption. GaraSign enables data security with strong encryption, centralized protection and management of the decryption keys, just-in-time key access, and easy enforcement of granular security controls.

Secure Software Development

Whether the product is a vehicle, a smart television, or a medical device, the firmware must be secure and free of vulnerabilities. GaraSign provides advanced cybersecurity techniques to ensure that the code being compiled and signed is a precise match of the code in the source code repository.

Ransomware Protection Management

Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers must put in place cybersecurity measures that mitigate the threat of a ransomware attack. GaraSign enables the enterprise to create secure backups that are digitally signed, cryptographically timestamped, and strongly encrypted, ensuring a seamless restore if a catastrophic attack should ever occur.

Cloud Cybersecurity Management

Like most enterprise organizations, many Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers are in digital transformation, making cloud cybersecurity a top priority. GaraSign strengthens cloud cybersecurity by encrypting data and applications stored in hosted clouds, hardware-level security of customer-managed decryption keys, and seamless decryption capabilities for authorized end-users.

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