GaraSign: A Secure Platform for Cryptographic Operations

You may not realize it, but public key cryptography enables many of the day-to-day operations in your IT environment. Code signing, SSH, TLS, and TDE, to name a few, all rely on public-private key pairs. Consequently, it’s vital to maximize the security of private keys without limiting access to them or slowing the pace of business processes. 

GaraSign is the solution that provides this balance. It’s a platform for cryptographic operations that combines superior security with unparalleled performance.

Securing your private keys is a mission-critical task.

What about performance?

Hardware security modules (HSMs) offer excellent security for private keys and should be employed by all companies that take cybersecurity seriously.

However, it can be challenging to develop custom integrations with HSMs in-house, as it isn’t a core competency of most enterprises using HSMs. Poorly-designed integrations often cause performance bottlenecks, making it seem as though speed is being sacrificed for the sake of security.  

Inefficient Integrations

HSMs expose limited interfaces, making it difficult to build custom integrations to the tools and platforms you're using.

Potential Vulnerabilities

Developing cryptographic integrations to an HSM is a difficult task and can introduce major vulnerabilities if not done properly.

Poor Performance

When integrations are incorrectly architected, cryptographic operations can take significantly more time than necessary.

GaraSign gives you the best of both worlds: maximum security and outstanding performance, plus all the integrations you need.

Secure Access To HSM-Protected Keys

GaraSign is deployed on customer-managed infrastructure between the HSM and the signing clients, restricting those signing clients to proxied key access.

The result is that private keys remain secured and non-exportable in HSMs at all times, providing maximum security, while end-users can still gain access to all the private keys they need without interfacing with the HSM.

Advanced Security Features

Since signing clients authenticate to GaraSign, rather than the HSM, customers can easily and seamlessly enforce granular security controls, including multi-factor authentication, device authentication, approval workflows, IP address whitelisting, notifications, and more. These additional security features can be enforced on a per-key or per-user basis with just a few clicks from the GaraSign admin interface.

High Performance With Hash Signing

GaraSign is built with a hash signing architecture. Signing clients hash the data they need to sign before sending it over the network to create the signature.

This client-side hashing architecture limits the amount of data being transmitted over the enterprise network, providing extremely high performance for all cryptographic operations, while the private keys remain in the HSM.

Integrations To All The Tools You Use

GaraSign comes with a host of native client integrations, making it easy to deploy directly into your IT environment without needing to develop custom integrations.

microsoft - 150
apple - 150
gpg - 150
debian - 150
rpm - 150
npm - 150
xml - 150
open ssl - 150
android - 150
java - 150
git - 150
pkcs #11 - 150

One Platform For All Use Cases

GaraSign is compatible with all public-private key use cases so you can leverage your HSM for the protection of all private keys, helping to maximize ROI on your company’s HSM purchases.

Code Signing

Sign code from any platform, including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and much more.


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Encrypt and sign emails to improve security and ensure regulatory compliance.


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Secure SSH keys in an HSM with the option to enforce granular access controls.


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Document Signing

Digitally sign documents using keys that are secured in your corporate HSMs.


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Secure Backup

Sign and encrypt backups to prevent third parties from reading or altering the data.


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Log File Protection

Encrypt application log files without modifying the application source code.


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Enable TLS with mutual authentication while private keys remain in an HSM.


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And More

Built at the cryptographic primitive level, GaraSign supports all use cases.


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Try GaraSign for yourself.

The Garantir team offers no-charge POCs. We host the POC environment on our end so that you can try GaraSign without doing any heavy lifting.