Automated Certificate Management With GaraSign

In a large enterprise environment, it can be difficult to maintain visibility on all digital certificates. If some certificates are not properly accounted for, outages can easily occur, resulting in real financial losses for the enterprise. Outages that affect customers can also impact brand reputation and consumer confidence.

With GaraSign, preventing outages is a frictionless, automated process. All certificates and keys remain secured in a centrally-managed Hardware Security Module (HSM) or key manager, ensuring full visibility at all times. HSM certificates are automatically renewed as needed to avoid downtime. Security leaders can grant, revoke, manage, and audit permissions on a per-key or per-user basis from a single interface.

Certificates are scattered across the enterprise but must be frequently renewed.

How do you avoid outages?

Enterprises must manage a plethora of certificates. In most cases, both HSM certificates and the corresponding private keys are distributed out to endpoint devices, presenting potential security risks and challenges with maintaining full visibility.

In addition, each certificate has its own deadline for renewal, making it difficult to ensure each one is renewed prior to its expiration. Outages are costly, time-consuming to fix, and damaging to consumer trust in the enterprise’s brand.

Limited Visibility

In most environments, certificates are distributed out to endpoint devices, making it difficult to keep a complete inventory of all of them.

Asynchronous Renewal

Certificates must be periodically renewed, but the timelines differ and each certificate must be renewed before it expires to avoid an outage.

Security Vulnerabilities

While many HSM certificate management solutions distribute the private keys out to clients, this approach creates serious vulnerabilities.

GaraSign automates HSM certificate renewal to prevent outages while private keys remain centrally secured and managed.

Centralized Management

When you deploy GaraSign, all certificates and private keys are centrally managed. This enables security leaders to set and enforce policy from a single interface.

Complete Visibility

All certificates and keys secured are managed from a centralized interface, so it’s easy to maintain an exhaustive inventory of all HSM certificates and perform necessary audits.

While the certificates are sent to clients, a copy of each HSM certificate is stored centrally, and the private keys are never distributed to endpoint devices. This approach improves security and simplifies outage prevention. 

Centralized Security
For All Private Keys

With GaraSign, certificates are distributed to clients but the sensitive private keys are always secured in a non-exportable state in a centralized HSM or key manager. The keys never leave the secure confines of the HSM or key manager.

Automated Renewals

GaraSign automatically renews HSM certificates before they expire, avoiding costly outages. This process occurs without any direct involvement from security leaders, simplifying certificate lifecycle management for the enterprise.

Advanced Security Features

GaraSign enables the enterprise to easily and seamlessly enforce granular security controls, including multi-factor authentication, device authentication, approval workflows, IP address whitelisting, notifications, and more. 

HSM Certificate Management Made Easy

GaraSign simplifies HSM certificate management, ensuring that outages never occur with very little manual input from your security team. In addition, GaraSign keeps private keys secured in a centralized HSM server at all times to improve security posture and make audits a painless process.

Automated Renewal

All certificates are automatically renewed before the expire, preventing costly outages and network downtime.

Centralized Management

All HSM certificates and private keys are generated and managed in a centralized manner. Policy can be set from a single interface.

Private Key Security

While certificates are distributed out to endpoint devices, the private keys always remain secured and non-exportable in an HSM high security module.

Granular Security Controls

Granular controls, such as multi-factor authentication and device authentication, can be enforced with just a few clicks.

A Unified Solution

GaraSign provides automated certificate management for all customers who deploy the platform for at least one use cases.

Simplified Audits

Audits can be conducted at any time. Audits can be performed globally, for a specific certificate, or for a specific user.

One Platform For All Use Cases

In addition to automated certificate management, GaraSign supports all public-private key use cases. It’s one integrated platform to unify and strengthen your security posture.

Code Signing

Sign code from any platform, including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and much more.

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Secure SSH keys in an Hardware Security Module (HSM) and easily enforce granular access controls.

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Enable TLS with mutual authentication while private keys remain in an HSM.

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Encrypt and sign emails to improve security and ensure compliance.

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Document Signing

Digitally sign documents using keys that are secured in your corporate HSMs.

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Secure Backup

Sign and encrypt backups to prevent attackers from reading or altering data.

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Log File Protection

Encrypt application log files without modifying the application source code.

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And More

Built at the cryptographic primitive level, GaraSign supports every public-private key use case.

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