GaraSign For S/MIME

Email is a pillar of communication for enterprise organizations. As such, CIOs and CISOs must find a way to secure email without hindering business processes. S/MIME (secure/multipurpose internet mail extension) is an established solution for securing email but has traditionally been considered too difficult to deploy at scale. Without any cyber security solution in place, email is left unsecured.

With GaraSign, deploying and managing S/MIME in a large environment is simple. S/MIME keys are always secured and centrally managed in a hardware security module (HSM), ensuring the enterprise can decrypt emails to comply with relevant regulations.

Email is a core component of business communication.

How are you securing email?

Every organization relies heavily on email. That’s why email is a common attack vector for phishing and malware attacks. Additionally, email can be an avenue for accidental exposure of sensitive data.

S/MIME helps alleviate these issues with encryption and digital signatures, but S/MIME has traditionally been considered too complex to deploy in a large IT environment.

Key Distribution

Creating and distributing S/MIME keys and certificates throughout a large workforce is challenging and time-consuming.

Regulatory Compliance

When email is encrypted but the keys are not centrally managed, complying with e-discovery mandates is difficult.

Certificate Management

When S/MIME keys are distributed out to end-users, managing them is difficult and it can be hard to prevent certificate outages.

With GaraSign, all S/MIME keys are created and managed centrally, radically simplifying an enterprise S/MIME deployment.

Centrally-Managed S/MIME Keys & Certificates

With GaraSign, S/MIME keys are never distributed to end-users. Instead, the keys and certificates are always created, stored, and managed from a centralized hardware security module (HSM).

Using this approach, it’s easy to renew expiring certificates and revoke access to keys for users who leave the company.

Simplified S/MIME Deployments

Using GaraSign, enterprises can seamlessly deploy S/MIME throughout a large IT environment without end-user involvement. The client software is silently pushed and automatically installed on workstations. Through single sign-on (SSO) authentication, end-users are authenticated to GaraSign and are able to use S/MIME keys and certificates that were centrally created for them.

Regulatory Compliance

S/MIME encryption helps companies comply with data security regulations like GDPR and HIPPA. Since GaraSign keeps S/MIME keys centrally managed, enterprises can always decrypt emails within the organization, ensuring compliance with e-discovery mandates.

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