Secure Software Development

In today’s digital world, virtually every company produces software of some kind, whether it’s a mobile application, an internal enterprise tool, an Excel Macro, or a PowerShell script.

GaraSign helps to secure the software supply chain and prevent malware injections without slowing down the pace of development.

Harden The Source Code Repository

Require key-based authentication via secure shell (SSH) or mutual transport layer security (TLS) for every commit to the source code repository. Store the private keys in a hardware security module (HSM) and enforce granular controls when clients request to use a key. Garantir supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), device authentication, notifications, approval workflows, and more.

Ensure Code Is Tamper-Free

Verify that the code in the CI/CD pipeline precisely matches the code in the source code repository with GaraSign’s hash validation feature. This ensures that the code has not been tampered with in any way.

Accelerate The Build Process

Offload static code analysis and binary analysis GaraSign to check for known malware, improving security and parallelizing the build process to reduce the time required to complete a build.

Deploy A Code Signing System

Keep all code signing keys (not just the production keys) secured in a non-exportable state in a hardware security module (HSM). Deploy GaraSign to ensure integrations to all the tools and platforms in your environment and to accelerate the code signing process with client-side hashing.

Software Development With GaraSign

With GaraSign, every commit to the source code repository requires key-based authentication with the option to enforce granular controls. Advanced security features ensure that the code in the CI/CD pipeline has not been tampered with since it was retrieved from the repository. The code signing keys always remain secured in a hardware security module (HSM) or key manager, and granular access controls can be set on a per-key or per-user basis from the GaraSign interface.

Repository Access Controls

Every commit to the repository requires key-based authentication, plus granular security controls established via the GaraSign interface.

Secured Build Process

Build servers are hardened to prevent compromise and the code is checked with automated static and binary code analysis.

Integrity Verifications

GaraSign verifies that the code in the CI/CD pipeline is a precise match of the code in the repository to prevent tampering.

HSM-Secured Signing Keys

All code signing keys are secured in an HSM. GaraSign can enforce granular access controls on a per-key or per-user basis.

Native Client Integrations

GaraSign provides native client integrations to all major tools and platforms, including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, rpm, GPG, and much more.

Exceptional Performance

A client-side hashing architecture accelerates code signing while parallelization reduces the amount of time needed to complete a build.

Give GaraSign a Try

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