Data Protection

Keeping data secure is a top priority for cybersecurity leaders across dozens of verticals.

With GaraSign, all data in transit and at rest is encrypted, decryption keys are always protected and centrally managed, and the enterprise can easily enforce granular access controls on the decryption keys.

Encrypt Data In Transit

Secure network traffic and other data in transit with protocols like transport layer security (TLS) and secure shell (SSH). This encrypts all data transmitted over the enterprise network, preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing and viewing sensitive data. GaraSign is compatible with all public-private key use cases, including TLS, SSH, remote desktop protocol (RDP), virtual private network (VPN), and much more.

Encrypt Data At Rest

Use strong encryption to ensure that only authorized and authenticated end-users can view databases and backups. This protects enterprise data, intellectual property, confidential strategic plans, and other sensitive information. It also helps the enterprise to comply with data security regulations. GaraSign supports all major encryption algorithms.

Protect Your Decryption Keys

Strong encryption is only effective when the decryption keys are properly protected. If attackers gain access to your decryption keys, even the strongest encryption algorithms are rendered useless. That’s why it’s essential to store decryption keys in a non-exportable state in a certified hardware security module (HSM).

Enforce Granular Access Controls

Ensure that only authorized and authenticated end-users can use the decryption keys needed to access encrypted databases and backups. GaraSign supports granular access controls, such as MFA, device authentication, and approval workflows, on a per-key or per-user basis.

Data Security With GaraSign

With GaraSign, all data is encrypted and the decryption keys are always secured in a centrally-managed HSM. Authorized end-users can use the keys as needed by authenticating to GaraSign, which then performs the private key operation on the client’s behalf. GaraSign gives customers the ability to enforce granular controls, like MFA and device authentication, on a per-key or per-user basis with a few clicks from a single admin interface.

Encrypt All Data

Encrypt all data in transit with protocols like TLS and SSH, and encrypt all data at rest with transparent data encryption (TDE).

Protect Decryption Keys

Generate and store all decryption keys in a non-exportable state in certified hardware security module (HSM) or key manager.

Enforce Granular Controls

Enforce granular access on decryption keys, including MFA, device authentication, approval workflows, notifications, and more.

Establish Key Policies

Decryption keys are stored in a centrally-managed HSM and key policies are set from a single interface.

Enable Just-In-Time Access

Leave decryption keys disabled until seconds before an authorized and authenticated end-user needs access.

Audits & Compliance

Audits can be conducted at any time and compliance with data security regulations is easily achieved,

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