An Integrated Platform For All Verticals

Every industry has unique security requirements. GaraSign supports an array of use cases and business needs so it can be deployed to strengthen and consolidate security across virtually all verticals and industries. 


Every industry has unique security requirements. Learn more about how GaraSign can improve security for organizations in the following industries.

Software / SaaS

Producing software is a never-ending process that evolves with the platforms and operating systems that it runs on, but software must always be secure.

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IoT Manufacturing

Whether the product is a vehicle, wearable, home appliance, medical device, or other smart devices, IoT manufacturers must ensure the security of their product.

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Banking & Finance

Financial institutions are prime targets for cyber criminals. Security leaders at financial industry enterprises must be vigilant in their defense.

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Law firms and other organizations in the legal industry must secure their environments to prevent ransomware attacks and maintain compliance.

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Hospitals, health insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, med-tech manufacturers, and other healthcare enterprises must make security a priority.

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Security is no longer reserved for the three-letter agencies. Even local government offices must maintain a strong security posture.

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Insurance companies have a variety of security needs, from protecting customer data and company assets to complying with regulatory requirements.

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Technology Partners

GaraSign is the only cryptographic platform on the market that is compatible with all public-private key uses cases. It’s one unified solution for all of your cryptographic operations.

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