One Platform For Multiple Needs

GaraSign supports a wide range of use cases across the enterprise, enabling customers to deploy a single, unified platform for strengthening security and meeting a variety of business functions.

Business Needs

Large organizations must address an array of security needs. Learn more about how GaraSign can improve security for a variety of business functions across your enterprise.

Strong Authentication

Cryptographic clients, whether human end-users or automated machines, must be strongly authenticated before being granted access to a cryptographic key.

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Data Protection

Data at rest must be encrypted and the decryption keys must be protected with hardware-level security. Access to the decryption keys must be tightly controlled.

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Privileged Access Management

By assigning a cryptographic identity to every end-user, cryptographic protocols like RDP, SSH, and mutual TLS can simplify and strengthen access management.

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Secure Software Development

When signing code, particularly during a production release, it is essential to ensure that the code being signed is a precise match of the code in the repository.

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In a DevSecOps environment, the build process must be fast to keep the CI/CD pipeline moving but also extremely secure to prevent unauthorized code changes.

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Zero Trust Architecture

A zero trust environment demands constant and strong authentication through methods like multi-factor authentication, device authentication, and more.

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Ransomware Protection

Backups must be encrypted, digitally signed, and cryptographically timestamped to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing or tampering with the data.

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Email Security

Email should always be encrypted, to prevent third-parties from reading the content, and digitally signed, to prevent third-parties from altering the content.

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Cloud Security

All applications and data hosted with third-party cloud providers should be encrypted. The decryption keys should be self-managed in a bring-your-own-key arrangement.

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Technology Partners

GaraSign is the only cryptographic platform on the market that is compatible with all public-private key uses cases. It’s one unified solution for all of your cryptographic operations.

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